Best Beaches on Long Island for the Lovers of Sun and Sand

Long Island Beach

Long Island is a gift of nature for the residents of New York State. It is a densely populated island that is surrounded by water of the Atlantic Ocean and Long Island Sound. People of Long Island enjoy the best of the both worlds as they are close to not just the best beaches but also hustle and bustle of Manhattan. In fact, residents of The Big Apple need not travel far in search of wonderful getaways as they are right nearby in the form of Long Island beaches. Here is a list of some of the best beaches on Long Island to help you enjoy your weekend vacation.


  1. Coopers Beach

Coopers Beach Long Island

Coopers Beach is one of the best beaches on Long Island simply because of its unparalleled natural beauty. You will feel as if you have been transported to a beach on the Caribbean Islands. This beach in Southampton is famous for its crystal-clear water and pristine sand. You can enjoy mesmerizing views of the ocean as well as many historic mansions in the area sitting on this gorgeous beach.


  1. Gin Beach

Gin Beach Long Island

If you are a lover of sunsets, you will find Gin Beach a little paradise on earth. This quiet beach on East Lake Drive, Montauk will stun you with its majestic sunsets. You will enjoy your time with your loved one on Gin Beach because of its romantic environment and very small crowd. Click pictures to the content of your heart as you get clear view of the open skies and the boats that are passing by.


  1. Tobay Beach

Tobay Beach Long Island

This is a perfect beach for the lovers of food and drinks. Tobay Beach is situated on Ocean Parkway and it is popular among people of all ages because of all the activities that are going on here. Water is clear and the sand is clean. You can also enjoy wonderful sunsets here. But the real attraction of this beach lies in the large number of restaurants within walking distance serving delicious food and drinks to the beach goers.


  1. Point Lookout Beach

Point Lookout Beach Long Island

If a quiet visit to a beautiful beach is all you want, Point Lookout Beach on Lido Boulevard is a perfect getaway for you. You will be struck with the kind of peace and calmness that greets you as you set foot on this beach. Point Lookout Beach is a wonderful place to just sit and enjoy the natural beauty of the surrounding areas. You can also enjoy reading your favorite book in complete silence here. The surrounding neighborhood is great for having a dinner afterwards.


  1. Nickerson Beach

Nickerson Beach Long Island

If fun and recreation for small kids is what you are looking at, the Nickerson Beach inside Nickerson Beach Park on Lido Boulevard is the best beach to head to. There is a unique Fun Zone for kids to indulge in many exciting activities. There are also free movies for the entire family on Sundays. Kids love to play close to sand dunes while parents are free from worries of their safety because of a fenced area. There are all sorts of slides and swings on Nickerson Beach to keep children busy for a long time. For older kids, there is a climbing wall and a skate park to have a great time on the beach.


  1. Port Jefferson Public Beach

Port Jefferson Beach Long Island

If you are looking for some fun and recreation for your pet, Port Jefferson Beach is the best beach on Long Island for you. Forget the leash as your pet can enjoy freedom on this beach. Buy pick up bags available at the entrance and allow your dog to roam freely on this beach to have a gala time. You can enjoy your time on this beach as there are many pet friendly restaurants where you can have your dog while enjoying tasty food in outdoor setting.


  1. North Hempstead Beach

North Hempstead Beach Long Island

This is the beach on Long Island to visit if you are in a mood for some entertainment. Located at 175, W Shore Road in Port Washington, North Hempstead Beach Park is famous for its features like live music and barbecues. This beach is jam packed on Sundays as people enjoy live performances given by local artists and have their favorite barbecue items.


  1. Cedar Beach

Cedar Beach Long Island

This is another Long Island beach famous for its activities full of fun and entertainment. It is a clean beach where you will not experience heavy crowds. You can listen to live music and bands daily here. There is not just a campground but also several volleyball courts and a playground to have maximum fun during your visit to the beach. You will never have a dull moment here with so much happening around you.


There are many more beaches on Long Island where you can enjoy and have fun according to your taste and liking. Please feel free to comment on your experiences on Long Island beaches and any other beaches you enjoy.